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Transfer Rules

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Transfer Rules

Post by RLVL MOD on Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:11 pm

Each team will register their team before the season starts. Once the season has started, each team will be allocated 4 transfer points.

This means they can buy 4 players during the season.

If you sell a player you will then be given an extra transfer point too buy another player.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only transfer up too 6 players into your team per season.

Once both teams have agreed too the transfer deal, make a new topic is this section stating the following...

1. Players gamertag
2. The team the player is transferring from
3. The team the player will be transferring too

The player then has too comment on that thread saying he confirms the transfer. If the player is not happy with the deal, he hasn't have too confirm it. But please remember, the manager on your current team doesn't have too play you!

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